Conditions Treated

Dr. Tanya Escobedo is a Naturopathic Doctor in the Bay Area who helps her patients address their health with natural therapies, bio-identical hormones, diet and nutrition. If you have any of the follow conditions we can help.

Thyroid_BalanceThyroid Help: Discover Natural Treatments
Feeling lethargic?
Losing hair?
Can’t lose weight?
Cold hands & feet?
Dry skin?
Digestive-Health2SmDigestive Health: Discover Natural Treatments
Experiencing heartburn?
Gas & Bloating?
Diarrhea or Constipation?
Skin problems?
Low libido?
Menopause-womanSmManaging Menopause:Discover Natural Treatments
Having difficulties sleeping?
Feeling irritable and tired?
Is it hot in here?
Low sex drive?
Poor memory?
Vaginal Dryness
Menstrual-PainSmMenstrual Symptoms: Discover Natural Treatments
Feeling weepy?
Puffy and crampy?
Heavy periods?
Moody or irritable?
Irregular cycles?
Fertility Health
FatigueSmFatigue & Sleep Disorders
Difficulties Falling Asleep?
Waking up at night?
Feeling unrefreshed in the morning?
Low energy during the day?
Using coffee tea or enerdy drinks for energy?
Stressed out?
weight-loss_narrrowSmNatural Weight Loss: Discover Natural Treatments
Difficulties Losing Weight?
Difficulty keeping weight off?
Eat well, exercise and still can’t lose weight?
High blood pressure?
Cardiovascular disease?
Low energy during the day?
eBookSMMood: Discover Natural Treatments
Tired of feeling depressed or anxious, don’t want to take medication?
Mood swings?
Balanced_hormonesSM2Hormone Imbalances: Discover Natural Treatments
Low or high thyroid?
Menstrual cramps?
Adrenal fatigue?
High or low blood sugar?
Fibrocystic Breasts/Endometriosis