About Dr. Escobedo, ND

Dr. Escobedo (Dr.E) moved to California in 2012 where she mentored under Dr. Samia McCully at Wellness Architecture for almost 2 years.  She learned a great deal and enjoyed her time there. In February of 2014 she opened her own clinic in Palo Alto called Wild Women Wellness. Her focus is on women’s health, hormones and digestion, but she helps both men and women with a variety of health issues. Wild men are welcome, too. As her business grew, she moved moved to larger space in Atherton on the border of Redwood City.

She lives in La Honda California with her husband Ric, dog Dozer, 27 pigeons, and a collection of farm animals. She has always enjoyed living in the country, hiking in the Redwoods, riding her motorcycle, and spending time at the beach in Half Moon Bay.

Dr. E holds a BS from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia. She then gained a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine (BINM) in New Westminster, British Columbia. She Feels blessed to have experienced a sense of camaraderie from both these communities and has carried that love and compassion into her community at Palo Alto, California.

Dr. E is passionate about empowering her patients through education and support on their path to health and healing. She strives to connect and understand her patients while pursuing their health goals through high quality sustainable health care. She has enjoyed refining her skills in:

  • Hormone Health: Dr.E is passionate about hormones! During a visit with her you will learn about how your hormones are interconnected and influence your energy, weight, sleep, menstrual cycle and blood sugar levels.  Therapies she uses include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), herbal medicine, diet modifications, stress management techniques, and homeopathy. She enjoys working with her patients to facilitate healthy weight loss through identifying and balancing the five barriers to losing weight, and creating food plans tailored for each person.
  • Women’s health: Her wisdom for women’s wellness has yielded success in treating most types of menstrual irregularities, PMS, PCOS, reproductive health, breast health, and menopause.
  • Family planning: A love for empowering women and promoting health have inspired Dr. E to focus on fertility, pregnancy health, natural birth control options and pediatric digestive health. She is passionate about supporting healthy families as a whole.
  • Sexual health: Dr.E’s warm approachability and open-mindedness make her an excellent doctor in promoting healthy Positive living, sexual education, healthy libido, and the prevention and treatment of yeast infections, vaginosis, STI’s, and other sexual related issues.
  • Further note-worthy experience includes volunteer work in Nicaragua where Dr. E provided free healthcare to under-served and under-sourced communities through Naturopathic Doctors International. This immersion style of training allowed her to rapidly develop her skills in managing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, parasitic infections, immune health, pediatric, and travel health. Dr. E has also taken part in outreach clinics working with HIV-positive patients at the Positive Living BC and terminally ill patients, with cancer and advanced cardiovascular diseases, at the Friends for Life Society in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Escobedo is excited to share her knowledge and positive energy with her patients. She feels honoured to start a journey of health and healing with you.